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Phone:  06-759 2038
Address:  42 Queen Street, New Plymouth
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Participant: Best BurgerBest Juno Gin

Monica’s Eatery.
Modern, Italian cafe fare.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.
Coffee or cocktails or coffee in cocktails. Molto bene!

Our menus are created using the best of what we have sourced from local and international suppliers. Our meat and eggs are local & free range. We aim to maximise healthiness without sacrificing flavour and provide you with an inviting, modern, dining experience that you can visit for all occasions. Our customers are our purpose and we are grateful to what you contribute to the Monica’s Eatery family. Relax and enjoy, we know you are in the best possible hands with our team.


“Garden Burger” – a vegetarian burger,  garden to plate using our local producer

Best Burger, best Juno Gin

Cast your vote for Taranaki’s best Burger and Juno Gin cocktail


With daily events including beer and wine tastings, degustation dinners, long lunches, kids events and competitions –get out of hibernation and FEAST this winter.

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