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Phone: 06 927 3188

Address: 1328 Upland Road, Egmont Village, Taranaki

Where to find them during the Festival: 

Texas BBQ is an Art, a craft and a science all rolled into one. The concept originated from the German and Czech immigrants who migrated to Texas. With them they brought their skills and traditions such as butchery, sausage making and smoking meat. They sold their products in markets and over time the Texas BBQ beef and pork as we all know it came to life. We have married up their traditions with some of the best beef and pork in the world that is grown right here in New Zealand to create Texas BBQ beef and pork that is very hard to beat.

It all began with a passion for Texas BBQ and transformed into a hobby that got out of control. Since 2009, Ash Peters spent a lot of time in Houston working in the oil and gas industry. In Texas, he got hooked on the smoky flavours of slow-cooked meat so tender it can be cut with a fork.Ash decided to try this at home and when he shared his mesquite-smoked offerings with family and friends, they couldn’t get enough. Inspired by their enthusiasm, Ash, his wife Jerynn, her sister Cielo Cuaresma and husband Al, decided to make a business of it. And so, Texas BBQ Foods was born in December 2017.


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